The Pros and Cons of Uncontested Divorce

Putting an end to a marriage is never an easy procedure. Yet, it can be simpler in some situations when the spouses are able to stay civil and agree among themselves how to divide the marital assets, deal with custody and support concerns, and take care about several other affairs. Also called an uncontested divorce, it can be difficult for divorcing couples to accomplish in a lot of instances, but the benefits can be vast under the right conditions.

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Child Support Lawyers: What to Know About Child Support

When couples with children divorce, the father is typically granted some visitation rights or care but must compensate the mother child support. A family court judge makes a verdict based on the interests of the children but also consider the rights of the parents when talking about visitation.


How To Get Sole Custody of Your Children

There was a time when the U.S. legal system stated that children belonged with their mothers and favored mothers in custody disputes. Nowadays, the law generally stated it is in the children’s best interests to be raised by their parents, and states increasingly favor agreements in which parents share custody. To have full custody of her children, a mother must show that a different custody arrangement would badly affect them.

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When to Call DWI Lawyers

Nobody goes out for the evening preparing to need an attorney later that night, but it happens sometimes. If you have ever gone out and had a few drinks, you’ve probably heard people at the bar joking about DWI lawyers, but you wouldn’t think you would need one. You probably feel like you’re still “good to drive” after a couple drinks, but a few minutes later, when you’re face-to-face with a cop, explaining why you were swerving around on the road, you’ll realize those jokes about DWI lawyers hold some truth.

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How to Find the Best Probate Attorneys

It’s important that everyone plan for their own death. Having the proper last Will and Testament in place can certainly ease the burdens that your family will deal with at the end of your life. However, even having a Will in place can’t prevent all the questions and needs that might drive someone to need probate attorneys. When you find yourself dealing with a complicated probate situation, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

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When Divorced Couples Are Civil: Pros and Cons

When it comes to ending a marriage, the process can quickly become overwhelming and complicated – not to mention the emotional toll it can take on the couple involved. However, there are scenarios when the spouses agree between each other on how to segregate their marital assets, handle custody, visitation, and child support issues, and ultimately remain civil towards each other – also known as an uncontested divorce. It may be challenging for couples who are divorcing to arrive at this point, but the advantages this agreement brings can be extremely beneficial considering the circumstances.

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