The Critical Role In Marriage Annulments

Just about everyone loves a wedding. Such events tend to be testaments to love, optimism and hope of spending a life together in happy union. However, the sad truth of the matter is that an unfortunate percentage of marriages ultimately end in failure. Because the dissolution of a marriage can involve a plethora of thorny issues related to financial assets, child support and custody and property division, it is essential that the parties enlist the help of skilled divorce lawyers who will work to protect their interests.

Divorce Attorneys


A divorce lawyer is a legal practitioner who focuses on achieving settlements favorable to their clients during the dissolution of marriage. Their work may also extend to include advocacy designed to safeguard the rights and interests of minor children born during the union. While matters of this nature can quickly become rancorous and painful, the goal is to obtain agreement on key issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

During the initial steps of a divorce case, divorce lawyers work to preserve the status quo in terms of marital assets until final settlement has been reached. This could include making sure neither party removes large sums of money from joint accounts, obtains mortgages on marital homes, incurs sizable financial obligations, relocates children or blocks assets to the family home. These professionals can also conduct investigations when a client suspects that the soon-to-be-ex spouse is hiding assets or otherwise seeking to thwart a fair distribution.

There are certainly cases in which the divorce process is quick and relatively straightforward in nature. Situations of this type are more common when the couple at issue did not have children, are not homeowners, lack conventional pensions and/or have little in the way of other assets.

By contrast, there are many divorcing spouses whose situations are far more complex, making the guidance of a divorce attorney that much more crucial. Key points of contention in such matters can encompass the division of assets such as real estate holdings, retirement accounts, securities, legal settlements, and the like.

Other commonly-contested issues in divorce cases include custodial control of minor children, determinations of child support obligations, responsibility for college tuition, tax-related disputes and the post-settlement modifications of any and all such agreements.

Divorce proceedings involving clients with notable wealth can become extremely volatile, especially when issues of tax planning, wealth preservation, business succession, inheritances and the division of assets such as antiques, artwork, boats and vehicles are involved.

Even in the most amicable partings, the process of divorce is generally difficult in one way or another, and though some may seek a swift conclusion to the matter, this path can prove devastating in the long term. An experienced divorce attorney can help clients avoid making ill-advised decisions when negotiating final settlements and provide vital information about the rights and responsibilities of each side.

The dissolution of a marriage can be surprisingly traumatic for the adults involved, but it can be truly devastating for children. The emotional and psychological stakes are extremely high, and that is why the seasoned guidance of divorce lawyers routinely proves pivotal. Difficult questions of child custody, terms of visitation and support must be skillfully and sensitively negotiated, always putting the interests of the kids first.

An effective divorce attorney will assist clients in assembling all-important documentation and evidence for bolstering their claims with regard to assets, custody or other important realms of disagreement. If a prenuptial agreement is in existence, an attorney can work to ensure full enforcement of its terms.

In a significant number of contested divorce matters, it is necessary to call upon the knowledge of expert witnesses who can provide valuable insights on a range of issues. Experts may be used to shed light on business valuation questions, matters related to securities transactions and deferred compensation arrangements, the future earning capacity of a spouse who has been out of the workforce and the possible psychological effects on children of any proposed custodial agreement.

Few people take any enjoyment in witnessing the end of a marriage. However, when it becomes evident that a union stands little chance of future success, dissolution is often the only viable result. When this happens, there is no substitute for the insights and strategies a divorce attorney can provide.