Even during a pandemic, your estate planning and probate needs do not stop. Thus, it’s essential to ensure that you are getting the estate and probate services you need, no matter what.

The worldwide health crisis we’re experiencing right now may have actually prompted you to think about estate planning and management – either for you or for your loved one – in case something happens.

We understand these situations, and we’re here to help. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some essentials about estate and probate services you may need.

Whether preparing for what legal questions you need to answer about your assets or anything else related to estate and probate services, we hope you find the find the information you need in today’s post.

Check Your State’s Directive on Estate and Probate Services

Even during the wake of COVID-19, most states consider law firms as essential services providers. As such, you can still avail of your probate lawyer’s services regarding estate, trust, and other probate needs.

Estate planning and probate services are essential.

This means that you can consult with your probate attorney if you need to understand the probate and estate planning process more – and what it means for you and your loved ones’ future.

Your probate and estate planning attorney can also discuss all the available options you have in planning for your beneficiaries’ future.

If you were already dealing with the probate process when the pandemic hit, don’t fret.

Your estate planning and probate lawyer can still help you determine what steps you should take next and how to move forward with the probate process.

Delays in Estate and Probate Services

Truthfully, you may experience in some delays that are longer than usual in the wake of the pandemic. However, your probate and estate planning attorney should be able to help you sort through it.

In some states, the courts have mandated that non-essential court hearings must be conducted either remotely, decided on paperwork submissions, or rescheduled altogether.

If you must do virtual and remote sessions with the court, your attorney should still be capable of assisting you with all the services you need.

Meeting Your Probate Services Needs

The main priority is to make sure everyone is not exposed to the virus. Thus, limited physical interactions are ordered. If you must meet with your attorney for essential reasons, make sure you comply with state and federal guidelines regarding social distancing.

Naturally, it is entirely understandable if you are not comfortable in leaving your home during the pandemic. For these reasons, many probate and estate planning law offices have set up phone and video conferencing and virtual meetings.

Getting Started with Estate Planning

The first step you must take with estate planning is to meet with an estate planning lawyer. Most law firms offer a free initial consultation.

During this consultation, you can talk about your particular situation and unique circumstances. Talking about these important points will allow your estate planning and probate attorney to determine the best course of action for your estate planning and management.

Electronic Wills and Trusts

Electronic wills and trusts are accepted in some states.

Check if your state or jurisdiction is already allowing the validation of wills via electronic means.

Of course, there are specific and unique guidelines to follow to implement this protocol.

Your estate planning and probate attorney should be able to walk you through this process.

Key Takeaway on Estate and Probate Services

Employing estate planning and probate services is essential. This is especially true in the wake of a pandemic – when the uncertainties are looming now more than ever.

Making sure that your estate is in order protects your assets as well as the future of your loved ones and beneficiaries. Please don’t leave it to chance.

Do the necessary steps today to protect your properties so you can allocate and distribute them correctly according to your wishes when the inevitable comes.

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