Nobody goes out for the evening preparing to need an attorney later that night, but it happens sometimes. If you have ever gone out and had a few drinks, you’ve probably heard people at the bar joking about DWI lawyers, but you wouldn’t think you would need one. You probably feel like you’re still “good to drive” after a couple drinks, but a few minutes later, when you’re face-to-face with a cop, explaining why you were swerving around on the road, you’ll realize those jokes about DWI lawyers hold some truth.

Call a DWI Lawyer if you Get a DWI

It may seem obvious, but if you are pulled over and receive a ticket for drinking and driving – whether it’s “Driving Under the Influence” or “Driving With Intoxicated” which both are associated with different charges and results.

Depending on the county where you get pulled over, you may receive merely a ticket, but often, you can be arrested or at least detained until your blood alcohol content decreases. Then, you may receive a fine and a court summons when you are released. After you get home, look up the best local DWI lawyers near you, and call one immediately.

Call a DWI Lawyer if you get a marijuana or other substances violation

Most people hear “driving under the influence” and immediately assume that we’re talking about alcohol. Which, we are. Definitely, the most common substance that people drive while intoxicated under is alcohol. But, other substances are not safe to drive and can trigger a DUI or DWI ticket or arrest as well. Because of the nature of medical marijuana licenses and interstate laws regarding medical prescriptions, DWI lawyers may have unique insight into how to navigate the legal system in the county where you receive the ticket or arrest.

You want a lawyer who is part of a knowledgeable team.
You want a lawyer who is part of a knowledgeable team.

Call a DWI Lawyer if you get in an accident

If you’re driving while intoxicated – even if it’s just barely over the legal limit – and you are in an accident, you will need to speak with an attorney. It doesn’t matter if you’re at fault for the accident, technically, because you were driving while intoxicated, the insurance company may have substantial support to deny any insurance claims and payouts. It will be smart to have a lawyer on your side immediately, to help you recover from the damages sooner rather than later.

Call a DWI Lawyer on a First Offense or Repeat Offense

If it’s your first DWI offense, call an attorney and find out what they can do for you. Especially if you are young (or, if you are a parent of someone in their early 20s who has gotten their first DWI) – don’t let a DWI be something that drags down your long-term record. It can cost you job opportunities and more, as people may be less likely to trust a driver with a “history” of violations.

It’s easy to say – call a lawyer on your first offense – but you may be past that point now. And you may think that because you already have a record, it gets too late for DWI lawyers to help you. But that’s not true at all! No matter if it’s your first offense or if you’re about to have your license revoked from repeat offenses, it’s worth finding out what a DUI attorney can do to help you.

DWI lawyers can help you in most situations.
DWI lawyers can help you in most situations.

Call DWI Lawyers When You Need to Save Money

People are concerned what DWI lawyers cost, but you have to really focus on what they will save you. Although some attorneys can cost tens of thousands of dollars, most DWI lawyers are going to save you from lost wages, lost time, expensive court costs and fees, and can even get sentencing reduced or re-evaluated, which can mean you’re spending less time involved in the legal system. Although no DWI arrest or ticket is cheap, and every time you hire an attorney is going to cost you something, what DWI lawyers can save you in future reputation and opportunity costs is immeasurable.

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