As the weather gets colder and the temperatures start to drop, it means we have to prepare for another winter. With this upcoming new season, it’s the perfect time to brush up on how critical defensive driving is. Whether it’s because of snow, sleet, ice, or freezing rain, driving in the winter can get dangerous. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration, winter car accidents are becoming more fatal. Before you find yourself in need of car accident attorneys due to an unfortunate automobile accident, read on these tips we have prepared to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road this winter.

Even though it doesn’t usually snow heavily in most parts of Texas, when icy or snowy conditions do occur during the winter, car accidents are generally rampant. This is due to the fact that most Texans aren’t used to driving in wintry or snowy conditions. Also, they may not have the right vehicle equipment to drive safely on dangerous wintry roads.

Do What’s Right

Above all else, road safety is all about making all the right decisions. Before you even get in your vehicle and on the road during bad weather, ask yourself if the reason why you need to go out is absolutely necessary. If it can wait until after the rain, snow, hail, or sleet eases up, then it might be better to do so. If you don’t have to go out, it’s better to be in the safety of your home. Even if you have a vehicle that can withstand any kind of weather, or even if you think you’re competent enough to drive, you never know how other drivers will react or behave during bad weather.

Brake Awareness Is Vital

We know that the brake is a car component that can and will keep us safe on the road. However, during bad weather, the brake can be a hazard. Thus, it’s critical to apply the right pressure with caution while using it. When you need to accelerate or decelerate, gradually do so and never try to rush it – even when you feel your tires are swerving. When the weather is bad, allow more time when braking and be patient with it; you need to start slowing down even before reaching a stoplight. By knowing proper brake awareness, you can better control and navigate your vehicle. You’ll also know how much pressure you need to put into it, so it slows down your car.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

During long trips, cruise control is an extremely convenient car feature; it tends to up your hydroplaning chances since you are at constant driving speed. However, no matter how advanced automobile technology today is, we haven’t reached a point where our cars can detect slippery roads or the need to slow down on their own. Thus, you should always exercise proper judgment and caution when it comes to how fast you are going on the road – especially during bad weather.

Keep up to Date with the Weather Forecast

A simple yet effective way to avoid accidents and to need car accident attorneys is by merely keeping tabs on any upcoming bad weather. This is especially helpful when you have a long road trip planned. This is where making the right decisions comes in again. It’s never a good thing to be surprised by inclement weather while you’re already on the road. Weather apps are especially handy as you can just download them on your phone, and they are usually free. You can see hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts in any part of the country.

Drive With Caution

If you don’t exercise caution while driving, then you might not make it to your destination at all. If you absolutely must go out even during terrible weather, give yourself some extra time to get there. Driving slowly doesn’t just relate to speed; at the first signs of snow, sleet, hail, or rain, you need to ease off the gas and always slow down. Wet and slippery roads lessen the traction, which can result in you losing control of your car.

Final Thoughts

Being prepared and logical are essential when it comes to driving during bad weather. However, if you ever get into a collision or wreck on the road, the best thing to do after making sure you are out of harm’s way is to contact car accident attorneys. Legal advice is just what you need in those types of situation.